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LPG ECU controller


Microcontroller it is mostly 8-bit Atmel device or Microchip.
These microcontrollers have up to 128 KB flash memory and 16 KB RAM memory.
Latest Autogas  ECU controllers are equipped with a 32-bit ARM microcontrollers and can have up to 1024kB of flash memory.

ARM microcontrollers are also 4 to 8 times more efficient than the 8-bit microcontrollers.


If you want find out more about autogas components please visit this page :

After autogas conversion we need to setup all parameters in autogas ECU. This is very important stage. If you choose wrong settings then autogas installation  will wrong work. In extreme cases, your car at all will not be able to ride on autogas. Proper conduct of the auto-calibration requires knowledge and experience of the person who does it.